Requests Open [For Era players only](CLOSED)

Hi! I am doing custom edits for Trochus and only trochus, nothing else.

I’m not making heads or anything from scratch, only edits. I don’t charge a lot for edits so it would be around the range of a hundred trochus or so 🙂 But it is depending on what kind of edits you request! There’s a few examples such as :

  • Re-colours (This should be really cheap)
  • Indexing bodies
  • Animating heads (Blinks will be the basic price)
  • Re-shading of heads (Hair placement and such, correcting poor shading)
  • Any errors with heads or bodies that did not turn out well in game (Like transparency issues)
  • Parts of a head that you struggle trying to edit yourself

And more 🙂

Basically, you could request anything regarding heads and bodies but anything from scratch. You can have multiple requests in one email which is no problem, i’m just going to charge more.

Follow these rules pls:

(Make my life easier pls)

  1. Please email me at with the subject title as Custom Edit Request.
  2. You must be an Graal Era Player
  3. To contact me directly I am Kelsi from the gang GPN, the leader of Pwned.
  4. You pay when you’re satisfied with the preview I have given you.
  5. pls be nice 😦
  6. First come first serve basis, you’ll be given a number so you’re expected to wait for me to tend to you 🙂

Requests will be closed whenever I feel like it kthxbye





21 November 2017





*I may or may not have regretted this decision to do this but thank you all for the support*


Side-shave ponytail kinda style (Kelsi)

I edited this a year ago but never used it because it’s not really my style, I recently found it and did a few edits and recolours to share with you guys 🙂 It’s a really nice look and hope you guys love ittt. Credits to the person who made the side shave I forgot who please comment if you are the one who did it 😮 ❤

These heads have a slightly pink undertone to it, something I’ve been obsessed with lately :).



We need to talk (Kelsi)

Before we get to the main topic, check out Clo’s latest post ( the one before this ) She edited some really pretty heads 🙂

OKAY. We need to talk.

Talk about what?

Lets talk about every graal pixel artist’s struggle.

Like people who actually create original content or really amazball edits.

I mean you know

iFilers *artists screaming in the background*

So iFilers have been around since the very beginning and it has been a nightmare to artists. Almost anyone actually have access to it and that 89% just don’t know that they can easily access it. What exactly is iFile? It’s something that allow access to a certain game files. So basically whatever you see is loaded a.k.a downloaded to your phone which means you can have access to it. Get it? So that means.. if a ifiler doesn’t see your custom, it means it’s not downloaded. Which meaaansss.. they can’t ifile your head! But the problem is it’s entirely impossible to not have your head “loaded” by the player because they you’re roaming around Graal duh.

That’s why it’s hell to get ifiled and have your custom stolen off. From a Artist perspective iFiler gives me PTSD, I always have a constant fear of using a head I made on the game because it gets iFiled every.single.time.

To iFile is to steal. Which is legal. “Why don’t they ban people who do that, Kelsi?” Well *cough cough* It’s absolutely impossible. Why? Because what you made belongs to Graal, it doesn’t really belong to you as you’re uploading on Graal. Sounds stupid yeah but customs are always being edited off and some people edit off other customs to make a new type of custom. The point is: There’s no such thing as something being “Original” and even though there is people who create original content, there’s very few. Which means if they were to ban people who ifile 70% of the population will be banned, 27% being those who don’t even have customs and 3% who are actually legit creators. What banning iFile can do is limit a person’s creativity too. Let’s be honest, Artists, without this iFiled content rolling in, you will have nothing to edit. We are all guilty of that. That’s why it’s absolutely impossible to get rid of iFile.

But people who straight up iFile because they want a certain type of custom and want to make it theirs is just ridiculous, it’s just selfish. As you may know Artists work super hard to make these customs and wear it. They make original/heavily edited customs because they want to express themselves through that, or be someone they couldn’t be in real. It’s a form of identity in the game. By straight up stealing the custom, you’re taking someone’s identity and calling it your own. Which gives you a bad image, showing that you have no sense of self identity. But can Artists really blame them? Not everyone is as skilled, most of them can’t create things like Artists, it’s hard to express themselves. That what makes Artists so special in the Graal community. That is why Graal Artists are all over on blogs to share their art with people who cannot do them, giving them permission to use their graphics on the game. So my point here is Artists need to understand the struggle of people who can’t create their own customs and have to sort it out through iFile and iFiler’s need to know that it’s rude to steal someone else’s work because of the hard work pulled through.

In conclusion,

This is to let Artists know, this can’t be stopped. It’s impossible. Everyone do what they wants and they have their own opinion. Even if it’s banned, it will be also a downfall for you because it’s stopping you from creating and learning. So hang loose, you know you can create anything you want and these iFiler’s aren’t going to stop you instead whenever they iFile you, you find a new way to make another custom :p

And to the iFilers! Relax on the ifiling and understand the struggle of Artists who want to express themselves through the customs they’ve made and most importantly, respect you, yourself and others.


Hiii, it’s a really long post I knoww 🙂 My purpose of this is to educate both artists and ifilers because we’ve been in war with each other and we need to understand each other. I mean yes, of course I get really pissed when someone ifiles me but I know myself that I can create more things and I am not limited to one custom because we all know that there is no such thing as a “favourite” custom. We all are improving and creating almost everyday and you know that your progress is the most important.

Anddd, I’ll be really glad if you could share this message to everyone, iFilers or Artists, so we can understand each other struggles. Thank you for reading this! xoxo



well… (clo)

it’s been a while lads! well im back on era but idk if i’ll be back in doing gfx cuz i dont have the skills anymore (lol as if i ever had them). I’m sooo bored thats why I tried doing gfx again. Anyway, here’s a couple head the girl head is from zoeygraalxo and the male head is the one i edited. I copied the eyes from another guy head cuz i guess these eyes are the trend in era atm lol.

blahnini8maleheadbyrae     raeboyhead3raeboyhead2raeboyheadraeboyhead1raeboyhead4

I might post some girl heads/old personal customs if i got bored again…

and if you’d like to find me in era here’s my profile. Yes, my name is not Clo* anymore. I changed name to Rae.





dead? both inside and outside

holla yall,,

so kelsi put up the site again. yayy 🙂

so my laptop got fixed, school’s starting soon. idk, i wanna edit the shit out of my soul. so i’ll be making/editing heads. i dont know when i’ll post heads, but stay tuned!

so i did quit for a while, a long while, then i visited and now i am v v inspired to do heads again. please forgive me if i dont have the ‘skills’ (who am i kidding i dont even have skills) anymore. i am so rusty but i wanna get back on track again 🙂

im happy to be back on graal, loves. if you wanna chat chat w me, message me. ign; gumi eucliffe (global warming)

thanks hoezxcs ❤

miss u guys


Quick Edit

Heyyouuu! I  have a shit-ton of homework but w/e. I edited a head last night i thought it was pretty cute xp

it was originally from cttwins soo cheers to that.

If you are using this head for editing purposes, maybe give credit?? thanskssk


okay im back to my homework bye