Hola hola bananaaaaa! It’s been a whileeee. Well I might post some heads next weekend =) yeah just came here to say hi. Hope you guys are doing well. x

and wow almost 1M views. 300k away from 1M. Nice



Quick Edit

Heyyouuu! I  have a shit-ton of homework but w/e. I edited a head last night i thought it was pretty cute xp

it was originally from cttwins soo cheers to that.

If you are using this head for editing purposes, maybe give credit?? thanskssk


okay im back to my homework bye



Heyy here are some heads as I promised (:

You know these shitty heads I used to make?


I changed them to these and their hair looks (natural??)

and I used some of the hair colors from Kelsi’s Previous post c:

halfup1 halfup2 halfup3 halfup4 halfup5 halfup6 halfup7

so yeah thasall.



fun fun funn (Gumi)

so uhh, hello. It’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet

okay stop.

SO HEYY It’s Gumi again :D I haven’t posted absolutely anything for the past i dont even know and I apologize for that. Please forgive me senpai.

Anywayy, so I got a laptop SO I can edit again. I’m just setting up gimp and I will be back to posting customs though I won’t be on graal as much as before (because of all these shitty homework >.>)

So yeah. thats all.



This is a reblog, some of you get confused and get mistaken for my post.
I decided to reblog this post, because I’m unable to donate, so I made an effort to reblog. Those who are able to help, please do help Techii to raise money for her dog :(


Hi everyone.

It’s techii.

I’ve got very sad news.

My dog needs surgery and I don’t have the money to get him it.

I’ve started a gofundme account for it.

If I can’t raise the money to get him his surgery he may face being put down because of the pain he is in.

He can’t use his hind legs and can’t go to the bathroom on his own any more.

If I get this surgery done he’ll regain all mobility and is compitence.

Please share the link and donate if you can.

Any little bit will help.

He’s not even 2 years old yet.

Thank you.


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Omg guys look its a post!

Yess, it’s a real post with customsssss like omggg finally :D

Ok ok so I’ve been doing well, crazy things happened :} hehe

Good news~ It’s the holidays and I might be back to posting weekly B) hohoho

I made the front view, the side views are edited.

redhead-kelsi blackhair-kelsi blondehead-kelsi brownhair-kelsi pinkhair-kelsi bluehair-kelsi

Oh, and that escalated quickly.