SHOULD I POST THE WHOLE HEAD? SHOULD I???? xD I dont have any unique ideas for a head so I just did a mix up. The original heads are from and (check them out! their creations are sooooo cool!) so yeah xD

I want to use this as my personal head buuut I dont have enough money :< poor clo lol. SOOO IF YOU WANT THIS…TELL ME AND I’LL POST IT HEREEE :D

Here’s the preview of what I did.


New Heads :D

Hai everybodyyyyy ^^

Inactive still QAQ

but here’s a quick edit I did c:



give credit c:<

     blue recolor

tahts all for now c:


-Gomi E.


OMGGG! Hiyaaa peeps :) sorry I’ve been really inactive for the past months but heeeey! I’m back :) I can’t promise that I’ll make “awesome” heads buuuut I can promise that I’ll start posting heads and bodies again. Hooray :>


Preview .P.

*too inactive* helluuuh, Sorry for not posting forever.

I did something boring .p.

A big edit. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

So heres a preview :P


So ya.

das all



What’s with the inactivity? – The same old excuse. :D -Kelsi

Again, sorry for being inactive .3. ahahhaha I like to wish you guys a Happy CNY :D Even though some of you don’t really celebrate it but I do :) <3 Here are some of my old customs, some not used by me or I dislike it (Maybe you will like it!?) haha XD and there’s a head a girl requested to be posted on this blog. It was one of my special personals xd (You know those sparkly diamond sht on da head/body? It was pretty simple but it made it look so unique) as well as my cyborg customs.

cyborg2 cyborg cybor kkels0klasi1klasi2felylouisfelylouis1pngkkcatearstdolldollyasdfghjk1