Me In Graal Era

Apparently if you search “Kelsi Eucliffe” there might be 2 Kelsi’s showing up with almost the same custom because the other account with extensions is my friend’s account, I borrowed his account:


My account:


So yeah. See you in Graal c: I’m in the gang GPN

Kelsi specialize in cuteness/cats (Kelsi)

Okay. Okay. CALM DOWN PEOPLE. This post may contain extreme cuteness. Anyways, the cats are made by me a.k.a, major edit. People, People, People, I really thought about posting this cat head & body. Its time. TO CELEBRATE 370K VIEWAS c: Please do not take credit. I’ll hunt you down and burn you alive. <3 cx More coming in soon~ Hope you have a nice day!

madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit1 madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit2 madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit3pinkcatbodywhitecatbodylavendercatbody

madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit4 madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit5 madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit6 madebykelsieucliffe-katgivecredit7

We do it black and white >:D (Kelsi)

Sorry if I have not been posting customs, I also did not update my graal blog recently x.x I’ve been soooo busy. I even have school on holidays >:(  I’ll be posting cat customs soon

anyways, #wedoitblackandwhite >:D Credits to original makers !111!!!

wedoitblackandwhite1 wedoitblackandwhite2 wedoitblackandwhite3 wedoitblackandwhite4

Personal x)

IDK if anyone wants it o,,o. but here it is.


GMI icantstop


head from Clo’s mixed head and body from cTtwins <3



plis PLIS give credit.


ty lablies.


-Nyxumi <3


WIP :)



anyways i did a eally big edit to cttwins’ body the one where they chaanged the bunny slippers to booties (lol)


and I was like hm.. i wanna do a human version of the hoodie that kawaiisisters did. SOOO i came up with this.



like it? .w.



k dats it byeee


ps i changed my name to nyxumi eucliffe .w. but u can call me gumi c: