Well, extensions for the heads previously posted! Enjoy and please credits to Kelsi’s blog if used:D <3 thanks.

Original: era_fzi-body2


And yes, it is CC.  (colour changeable)    . :) You can change any colour for the body(even the band) except the hair. For the original body,  Sadly, u can’t change the band but others, yes.

is dys an ombre :O

hai eveuhrybody.

i just had an idea that went flying around my mind which is…………….. AN OMBREE

and i turned it into jpg becuz its my personal and I might give it away when i dont use it anymoer ebut ya. soo era players know that theres this hooman-cat crazy trend going on and yii.


like it? o///o

thats it for now xd


-Nyxumi E.

Almost 400k viewers!

Thank you, thank you to all my viewers xD you literally made this possible. Currently, I have 390k+ viewers reaching 400k hours soon. The highest number of viewers in a day was 3010. Its like the entire Graal Server *>*. I’m really happy right now xD. I’ll be posting the body extension really soon xP sorry for the delay! I love you all