Graaloween (Halloween) Requests!

Before you get excited and burst out, I have some rules. <Fk that sht  now its free>

First of all, this is not free :o The payment will be shells. GraalOnline Era players only.

Second, the amount of shells will depend on how hard your head is. Don’t worry i’ll give you a reasonable price.


Head- 100 Shells (Edits)
150 Shells (Blinking gif)
200 Shells (Special gif)
250 Shells (Major Edits)

Body- 100 shells (Small Edits or Index,add-on hair extension)

Rules are simple:
-It must be halloween themed.
-Clear Details and Information must be provided
-I do not accept requests which are rude,not relevant to halloween,not enough details.

How does the payment work?
First, i’ll send you a review of you custom. If you’re satisfied with it, I will do the rest. Once i’m done, you’ll pay me the shells and I’ll send you the custom right after the payment
If you do not trust me, don’t ask for a request. If you refuse to pay up, your custom is going to be posted to my site :3

Get it? Hold your horses, this is a halloween themed request so you can only ask for a relevant theme custom. Example, cat, zombie,vampire. Do not ask for my personal customs. Don’t pm me about this request. Ask questions in the comments or in the email. :)!

All the requests must be submitted on 10th October. The day after that, I will start working on it. First come, first served. So send your requests now


~<3 Kelsi Eucliffe*



so fucking true but then teacup and bri bri r gonna stop having gfx sometime >;c

Originally posted on teatime wif dolly and bribri~:

ok, so some of you may be wondering what happened to updating this blog with new gfx . .  well..

we’re lazy and occupied with other things..

also wouldn’t you be discouraged to continue and posts gfx for the public if you had people telling you that you were greedy for not handing out your personal customs? having other respectful blogs edit/ steal your customs without any permission, or credit whatsover? constantly having your customs stolen? having people credit the wrong people for your customs? seeing that other encourage people to go ahead and take your customs, because it’s on a game, therefore anyone can take it? so yes, of course me and bri would prefer not to update anymore.

Some of you guys are blind to rules of art and copyright. You may NOT take ANY FORM OF ART, and yes, PIXELS are ART. it doesn’t matter. it’s art…

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Gumi is teh sick kid naw ;c

Hey eveuhrybody. i m sick af. but i did a preview on the side extension that u guys voted in meh last post.




Cute enough? or change the body.

k dats all for today baes.

byee. *cough cough*

(Gumi disappears out of thin air and smells like candy)

OH WAIT. this is the full preview of all the heads with extensions, side extensions, and no extensions. ENJOY :))


ow shit my arm

kmk byeeeee


second post. haha ik. its weird. but heres a preview.

the left is from wondergfx and the right side is edited by me.

k thats it bye.

answer dis pole if u thinik its kay,.





Yas. ik ik were rly inactive. but here is my previous head. #pastelcolor4life

heres my NON COLOR CHANGABLE body if you dont have VIP


plis gib credit biches. ty. dont set trans. give credit to original owner. which is from kawaii sistahs., mk thats it bye.

yay YISS