mix up (Clo)

soooo this is what happened when i tried to do a hairstyle based on the different pictures on my mind lol. L-A-M-E -.-“


pfff… im sorry okay xD at least I tried lmao.

anyway here’s a serious mix up



well you know what to do… credits k <3

Tips for indexing! (Kelsi)

Hiii :) I’ll be posting a set of customs tomorrow and its gonna be fabulous~! In a meantime, I’m going to give some tips you might or might not know already C:

  • No pure black or white colors when you’re indexing~! #000000 or #FFFFFF
  • Make sure there isn’t any color in the body is the same
  • There must be a background
  • When indexing with or without extensions, follow this order:
  1. Outline
  2. Belt
  3. Transparency (The Background)
  4. Sleeves
  5. Skin
  6. Coat
  7. Extension color 1 ( Putting them behind the 6th order will not make the color change)
  8. Extension color 2*
  9. Extension color 3 (It goes on if you have more colors on your extension)*

It does not have to be a extension or something, it can be just a accessory on your body. :D

If you are still confused, comment down your questions and concerns and DO NOT PM ME in Graal xc

tysm! <3


Heads (Fzi)

Heyhey! These are heads edited by me but its not really a huge edit because i dont wanna change the shadings of it. (Mostly recolourings) .

head781(4) head781(3) head781(2)head781 Please credits to Kelsiblog if used<3 thanks~.

Stripe Body (indexed) (Fzi)

i’ve seen many people asking for this body in ios.. this is not mine but i edited from bunny shoes. Original stripedbunnyshoes credits to Lia (classicplayer)era_fzi-stripedbody .

Btw if you want to request for a small edit its free (heads), but for a personal head , requires shells/mushrooms from Iera.(150 – 300) depending.  Please credits to Lia and kelsiblog if you wanna repost this<3~ thanks.