Stripe Body (indexed) (Fzi)

i’ve seen many people asking for this body in ios.. this is not mine but i edited from bunny shoes. Original stripedbunnyshoes credits to Lia (classicplayer)era_fzi-stripedbody .

Btw if you want to request for a small edit its free (heads), but for a personal head , requires shells/mushrooms from Iera.(150 – 300) depending.  Please credits to Lia and kelsiblog if you wanna repost this<3~ thanks.

Introduction (Fzi)

Hi , im Fzi (: I’ll posting heads and bodies . I will edit heads from originals but not edited ones .Also mostly made from scratch or from noob head . For bodies, i will edit but i will give credits to original owner . If you want personal requests for heads, kik me (kristymwah). Thats all, byeeeeeeeeeees. ^^ .


Finally! Lol. (Clo*)

hey thereeee~!

edited a head from lucy’s site.

original head (left)                     My edited ones (right)

lucy                                              clohalloween clohalloween1 clohalloween3



~Clo <3